Argentium Silver 18 Gauge Ear Cuff

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 This listing is for one *argentium silver ear cuff (no piercing required!), handmade by me. The hoop is open ended, allowing it to slide onto the ear, and is slightly adjustable with a gentle squeeze.

It would would work as a cuff for your conch piercing, as well as an ear cuff on the upper part of your ear as shown in the second photo.

The hoop is 18 gauge (1mm in thickness) and comes with a choice of 8mm or 10mm interior diameters.

*As shown in the photos: An 8mm hoop is being worn on the upper ear, and a 10mm hoop is being worn in the middle part of the ear*

*Argentium Silver is a purer form of Sterling Silver, and is more tarnish resistant than regular sterling silver. It's made from recycled silver, so it's more sustainable and eco-friendly.