Sterling Silver Hammered Ear Climber Earrings

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 A pair of sterling silver ear crawlers, handmade by me from 18 gauge *argentium silver. These silver climber earrings are perfect for everyday wear, and are lightweight as well.

They can also be worn as a pair of small drop earrings, as shown in the last photo. To put in, simply turn sideways once the earring is placed in your piercing, and slide over your earlobe, pinch lightly for a snug fit.

They are 17mm in length, or 11/16ths of an inch. Each pair is individually made, so there will be slight variations from one pair to the next. 

*Argentium Silver is a purer form of Sterling Silver, and is more tarnish resistant than regular sterling silver. Argentium silver is made from recycled silver, so it's more sustainable and Eco-Friendly.